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Lover of Lolita and Mori Girl aesthetics, collector of stuffed aminals, devotee of J-Pop, keeper of manatees, and plinker of pianos.

Outfit Post ~ Back to Basics

Outfit Post ~ Back to Basics

JSK: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Necklace: Kumacrafts
Boots: Skechers

I finally got a nice area figured out in my new apartment for taking outfit snaps, so hopefully I can return to more regular outfit posts. I dress up less frequently these days though, since a lot of the time I’m just throwing clothes over ballet tights and leotard to head to the studio. That said, it made me really happy…

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Outfit Post ~ Waltzing in the Park

The Midwest Lolita Megameet was a couple of weekends of ago, and it was an absolutely fun time! We were in a new location this year, and I think it overall worked out pretty nicely. The weather was lovely, and it seemed like everyone had a good time.

JSK: Innocent World
Bolero: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Necklace: Chocomint
Shoes: DreamV

And here’s some bonus photos of our frilly security…

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~Lavender Fairytale~

Skirt: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Tights: Sockdreams
Brooch: Chocomint

~Beige Princess~

Blouse/JSK/Socks/Hairbow: Innocent World
Shoes: DreamV/Yumetenbo

~Simple Cinderella~

Just a casual outfit with my Cinderalla Jewelry skirt! It came with a gigantic pin-on back bow, which I’ve never actually worn before because it’s just too large if I’m wearing a cardigan or anything that would have to drape over it. I love the skirt though, because it goes with all of my favorite color combinations: pink, lavender, and black!

~Fancy Legs~

I really wanted an excuse to wear my awesome new tights from Holley Tea Time, so I decided to build an outfit around them. They’re really comfortable and actually quite thick! I was pleasantly surprised at how opaque the print remained even when stretched out, and the tights themselves are really soft and pliable. I appreciate the waistband being soft woven so it doesn’t dig into my belly.

~Strawberry Cream a la Mode Girl~

The Mode Girl print from Angelic Pretty has always been one of my “dream prints” and I was super excited to get the skirt and headbow together for fairly cheap because the pearl chain was broken. That was an easy fix to do, and it’s as good as ever now! I’m sad I didn’t get the matching vest in the set, but that’s rarely sold alone and I can make do without it easily. I wore this to go wedding dress hunting with THE SUPER AWESOME JAZZMOTH, and we successfully found her a SUPER AWESOME WEDDING DRESS with equally awesome veils and accessories!! <3<3<3

~Wine & Music~

Or just a wine-colored musical skirt? This skirt was one of the first Lolita pieces I bought, and I now have it in all three colorways (black, bordeaux, and pink) because I just love it that much. I’m a total sucker for musical prints, and the skirts are just very well designed and constructed. The skirt is the perfect volume for a petticoat, in fact has a built-in petticoat, and has lovely cotton lace and a very comfortable and sturdy half-elastic waistband.

~Classical Frills~

One of my favorite Bodyline gems, this skirt is just so simple yet classic, and can really be dressed up or down as appropriate for the occasion. I generally pair it with some sort of mainly black/white outfit, but there are in fact bits of lavender that I’d eventually like to try to bring out with a coordinate.